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Services for candidates

Please find here below some of our preferred services:

Instead of sending your CV or filling it in our data form, you can take advantage of the exceptional functionality of CV Parsing to read the information directly through your uploaded CV.

Why enter all the data of your personal profile by hand ?

Take advantage of our innovative system, uploading directly your CV !
Our Resume Parser can process CVs, resumes, and cover letters in real-time through our quick and simple web service interface.
We can parse resumes in numerous formats including but not limited to the most popular (Word, PDF, Open Office, Excel, HTML, Social Media profiles, etc.).

Here is a list of some but not all the data our system parses out of resumes:

Name & Surname; Email addresses;
Home Address; Phone numbers;
Citizenship/Visa Status; Summary Profile;
Qualifications; Education;
Technical Skills; Languages;
Work Experiences; Certifications;
Awards & Publications; References.

Furthermore, the system will show the candidate all the roles identified in his / her CV based on an accurate algorithm; the candidate has the opportunity to express his / her opinion modifying the Parser’s evaluation on each role and / or adding new positions he / she believes he / she can cover.


Upon Client request we check your competencies using Skype Video Interview or other All Profiles available systems.

The technical interview takes place in two separate phases:

  • The first interview (Quick Interview) requires the candidate to answer at least 15 technical questions through our custom communication software; for each question the candidate has a different slot of time according to the complexity of each one. The system then forwards the written questions and answers to the client, accentuating their coherence based on an algorithm, which calculates the weighted average of the scores obtained in the various answers.
  • The second interview (in-depth interview) will be held with our Technical Recruiter who will then prepare a final (technical) report to be transmitted to the client and uploaded to the system that will recap the candidate’s technical and managerial knowledge and other relevant characteristics.

The interview could positively modify the candidate’s overall ranking and related final score (by weighted average by designed algorithm).

An All Profiles recruiter will release the report by pasting sections of the CV and the text of the video interview.

Job Offers are posted by the main International Companies (EPC Contractor, Oil and Gas Power and Steel Making  Companies.)

You can choose the best proposals for you filtering by country, by activity, etc.

The Job Offer shows the project in a single table all project requirements, required skills, and other valuable details to evaluate the Job Offer in just a few steps.

To explore the “Job Offers” please click here.

You can explore the criteria in our Selection Procedure in order to increase your profile’s evaluation.
We propose a structured evalutation system split in Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Qualification.
Should you wish to explore our Recruitment Process, please check the flow diagram. CLICK HERE

Boost your recruitment activity

The All profiles platform significantly improves the search and qualification of candidates as it offers a particularly accurate selection criterion that assigns a “relative weight” to each of the 25 parameters of qualification in order to define a final score, calculated according to a complex algorithm design.

The qualification parameters weightings can be modified by the client and the LV system displays CVs of all qualified candidates who have confirmed their availability for the period by the search and have matched or exceeded the final score of qualification ranking.

Availability is one of the most important data planning new employment!!

If the customer wishes to request the candidate’s availability he/she will be promptly notified of the client’s interest in his/her professional profile and will request confirmation of his/her unavailability or confirmation that he/she is interested in accepting new positions and therefore willing to change his/her status from unavailable to available.

The score calculated by the Software System is based on a list of requirements established by the All Profile procedure that is specific for each qualification code that may be, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sex;
  • Experience gained with the qualification (we identify 5 different parameters);
  • Age;
  • Knowledge of languages (of which one or more with grades attained);
  • Schooling and Professional Courses;
  • Area of experience (e.g. Engineering offices or construction sites, onshore, offshore, etc.)
  • Knowledge of IT systems;
  • Previous and current name of employer (from company registry);
  • Employment duration of completed projects
  • Number of years of experience per business unit

The final score calculated by the recruiter after the technical interview is based on a list of requirements set by the All Profiles specific procedures.


Detailed Qualification Codes and Roles

To meet the specific requirements of professional roles, All Profiles has created an internal professional Roles System in which competences are carefully structured in Departments and Sub Departments as shown below.

We have 24 Departments, divided into 170 Sub Departments with 1,516 different professional roles.

During the working life a candidate’s professional role may change according to their job development and Professional Roles are classified by level of seniority.

The level of seniority allows the Role to be differentiated in terms of different levels of skill’s coverage. Seniorities can have up to four levels for each Role which correspond to different levels of expertise.

The purpose is to define the set of skills to be connected to each role, referring to skills as the knowledge and competencies required, to perform a job efficiently. Each Role has a list of specific professional skills related to it.

New candidates are qualified and assigned to a Professional Role and it becomes an attribute to the resource.

Customers and Candidates can zoom in on each Sub Department and have a complete overview of all the professional roles in order to identify the required one.

Suitable job descriptions issued by All Profiles are also available for the main roles.




If you’re interested in boosting your application, you could apply the “CV Plus” mode to ensure high visibility to your profile with all the advantages described below.

CV Plus

If you choose to be a CV Plus candidate, in addition to the standard tools, the system will enable you to activate the “AU” (Always Update) function to keep to-date with the latest published offers to:

  • access the details of each announcement;
  • submit your application in relation to each specific search for personnel;
  • send all the information relevant to the job posting issued on our platform to a colleague if you’re not available or not interested.

Preferred Companies

An interesting function offered to CV Plus candidates is the option of choosing companies you would like to be in contact with future jobs.
This route gives you 2 strong advantages:

  • A preferential status for receiving job proposals and relevant information such as salary conditions package, project details;
  • the Company recruiter will receive your application and you will be awarded a high ranking status.

As a candidate, if you meet the skills and availability required for research, you will receive an e-mail notice to consult the jobs posting  details of on the platform.

You can view the Jobs posting in a purely tabular form, in a preview box or in the geolocation format.

By clicking on any of these you can open the full request form with the possibility of applying directly.

You can send your updated CV or, alternatively, the platform will forward the last registered one to the client.

For candidates who are qualified and already registered on the platform’s data base for the specific role but with an unavailability date for the required period, they can forward their application and CV updated with the date of future availability.

The CVs of previously unavailable candidates who have successively confirmed their availability will be forwarded to the client 48 hours after the receipt of their resume.

Do you need help with your CV ?

Having a tailor made professional CV will put you at the forefront of other candidates.

Your CV is an opportunity to show your future employers that you are the best candidate for the job. In today’s job market, standing out from the crowd is essential.

Having a tailor made professional CV will set you above your competition.
Our CV Writing Service will ensure that your CV showcases your skills and your qualities, your knowledge and your abilities whether you are just starting out in your career or embarking on a new phase of your career or changing industries.

As our success is driven by your success, we stand by our CV promises.

  • Highly professional CV writers
  • Specific Technical experience of our CV Writers
  • Delivered in MS Word & PDF format
  • 24/7 Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Unlimited revisions for 12 months
  • 2 Day turnaround (5 Days for Specialist CV)
  • No templates used

Accessories such as a Cover Letter can be added to your resume.

If you’re a “CV Plus candidate”, the system will allow you to activate the “AUtD” function (Always Up to Date) to keep up-to-date with the latest offers published and access the details of each announcement.

You can choose how to be updated (by email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) and the frequency for each of the services selected by you.

Our Job Offers Updating Service

Please select the mode in which you want to receive your updates by checking the boxes below:

  • instant message via Whatsapp for all Job Offers related to my role and my wishes;
  • instant message via Whatsapp and via email for the messages sent to you by the potential employer for all the Job Offers you’ve already applied for;
  • daily message via email listing all updates related to other Job Offers potentially interesting for you;
  • you can easily share all the information related to a Job Offer to your friends.

Our Newsletters

You can select the newsletters that you wish to receive by checking the boxes below:

  • Daily News: You can select the sectors more interesting for you and you can receive every weekday the best, most comprehensive news about these industries. Furthermore, in the same sector you can choose the kind of news preferred by you (worldwide areas, new projects, career opportunities, salaries updating, and more.
  • Weekly News Summary: Each Friday, you can receive the top news articles from the last 7 days delivered to your inbox. It’s a quick look at all the top news for all the items selected by you (for example Drilling, Refinery, Renewable Energies, most important recent events, etc..